Nilglobal factory

About Our Company

Nilglobal is a foreign trade company established in Antalya in 2018. 1200 m2 closed area with cold pressing and 1300 m2 closed area with essential oil factories, high quality 100% pure & natural vegetable oils, offers to various countries of the world. Our cold pressing plant has a capacity of 30 tons per month and it processes many seeds and seeds which vary according to the order of our customers, especially local products. In our factory, which operates on essential oils, a lot of essential oils, especially endemic plants such as rose, thyme, bay leaf, juniper, myrtle leaf, sage, are processed and can reach 10 tons per month. We are very intentive to use %100 the raw material and to get pure hide grade oils in order to offer the high premium quality products with affordable prices to you. We only use local plants and seeds. In our products, adulteration and contamination (pesticide, aflotoxin, mycotoxin and heavy metals) cannot be mentioned and they are free from any additives. We deliver our products in 100% purity. Our products are absolutely non-refined and they do not see the process of thinning and you can also read about the following catalog for our products and you can read what we do to guarantee our oils are of the highest quality. As Nilglobal, our goal is always to make long and beautiful works based on trust with our valued customers without sacrificing quality and honesty.

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