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Nilglobal black seed oil contains min 2% thymoquonone (TQ). Thymoquonone is the most important active ingredient of black seed. It is the substance that gives Nigella oil its characteristic odor and taste. A good quality black seed should contain a high amount of TQ. It is not enough to produce a good black seed oil only cold-pressed. It should contain min 1.5% TQ. For this reason, we carefully select seeds before starting production, and we ensure that our contracted farmers grow with these seeds. We convert the harvested seeds into oil using the cold press method under correct and hygienic conditions. Then we have it analyzed in reputable university laboratories. Thus, we control all processes from the field to final product.


Palmitic Acid : 13,45

Oleic Acid : 21,44

Linoleic Acid : 58,23

Thymoquinone : 2,34%

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